Business Strategy Job Titles

By | July 12, 2012

Business strategy forms one of the most important parts of any business. It is the foundation of any successful business and dictates the business actions of the company. It is the strategists who plan and develop policies that would safeguard the business interests of the company and lay down action plans suggesting which alliances or partnerships should be beneficial to the company, the kind of deals that should be sealed and the kinds rejected, the products that are to be introduced to the market, the positions that should be introduced in and the brand image they should carry so as to generate sales.

The aim of business strategies is thus to help the company achieve competitive advantage in the market, thereby fostering sustainable development and long-term success. While business or corporate strategy serves as an overarching term describing the aggregation of all kinds of strategies of a business organization; in order to understand the complete scope of this job field, it is best to classify the job titles under the respective headings of the specific purpose it serves in the business.

Functional strategy job titles:

The functional strategies are concerned with the overall functioning of a business. It includes new product development strategies, marketing strategies, human resource strategies, legal strategies, financial strategies, information technology management strategies and supply-chain strategies. The functional strategists mostly focus on formulating short-term action plans that would help achieve short-term business goals thereby cumulatively helping the business interests of the company in the long run.

The strategies are restricted to the realm of each sector’s operational responsibilities only and concentrate solely on meeting the business objectives of the firm. The job titles that can be categorized under the sector of functional strategies are:

  • Financial Strategist
  • Financial Strategy Analyst
  • Senior Director, Commercial Strategies
  • Strategy and Operational Planning Associate
  • Product Management Strategist
  • Certified Marketing Strategist
  • HR Consultant-Selection Strategy
  • Marketing Brand Strategy Manager
  • Business Analysis Manager, Distribution Strategy
  • Senior Manager Retail Strategy
  • Senior Manager Business Process Lead Operations Strategy
  • Legal Strategies Manager
  • Legal Strategies Analyst
  • Information Technology Management Planner
  • New Product Development Strategies Consultant
  • Sales Manager
  • Business Services manager

Technical Strategy Job Titles:

The technical strategies of a company, as the name suggests, deal with the technical aspects of business operations. Its focus, therefore, remains in proper tapping, exploitation and usage of technologies to achieve optimum production results.

The technical strategists concentrate on identifying the technologies that would favour the corporate objectives of the company and help achieve the desired business goals and thereby formulate ways of implementation of those technologies such that it satisfies the company’s business needs without compromising on its ideals. The job profiles that fall under this category are:

  • Director, Technology and Strategy
  • Certified Technical Strategist
  • Information Technology Manager
  • Technical Strategy Analyst
  • Technical Operations Manager

Top-level Executive Job Titles:

The top-level executive job titles concern themselves with the supervising, organizing and management of all the other departments for the sake of execution of the overarching corporate strategies. They analyze and oversee the implementation of all the other strategies and synchronize them to work for a common goal. The job titles in this segment are:

  • Corporate Strategy Manager
  • Director, Business Development and Corporate Strategy
  • Senior Manager, Corporate Strategy
  • Corporate Strategy – Senior Analyst

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