Business Intelligence Job Titles

By | July 12, 2012

Business intelligence is the ability of a business organization to tap its resources and channelize them in a way that it furthers the business interests of the company. The primary application of business intelligence is to facilitate smart decision-making by employing methodologies and technologies like data mining, background research, analysis, processing, benchmarking, performance management, predictive and prescriptive analytics.

Owing to its indispensability in the successful running of any business and its broad range of usability, business intelligence jobs have become one of the most worthwhile and sought after professions with the constant evolvement of businesses creating more job openings in this segment.

Based on the various weapons of implementation of business intelligence, the job titles of this sector can be divided into several categories:

Business Intelligence Reporting Job Titles:

The responsibility of this sector is to submit effective strategic reports about the project in concern so as to spur clever decision-making based on an informed opinion. It plays a major role in the strategic management of a business and involves visualization of data, envisioning result of a certain alliance or the expected conclusion of a certain project. The job titles under this category include:

  • Business Intelligence Report Generator
  • Reporting Analyst, Business Intelligence
  • Business Intelligence Senior Integrated Reports Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Reporter

Business Intelligence Analytics Job Titles:

Business intelligence analytics deals with thorough processing, analysis and evaluation of all aspects of a business thereby enabling entrepreneurs to weigh pros and cons before taking any important business decisions. It involves statistical analysis, project analysis, data mining, business process mining, processing of complex events, prescriptive and predictive analytics and business process modeling. The major job titles in this field are:

  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Technical Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Application Analyst
  • Senior Business Intelligence Analytics
  • Data Engineer, Business Intelligence
  • Senior Systems Analyst Business Intelligence
  • Data Governance-Business Intelligence
  • Business Intelligence Data Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Financial Analyst
  • Programmer Analyst – Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence Knowledge Management Job Titles:

Business intelligence knowledge management intends to understand and identify, accumulate, assess, represent, share, distribute and implement experiences and insights that might be considered as effective business knowledge such that it may be tapped and exploited and sublimated in the right way to fulfil the business interests of the company. The chief job titles in this segment are:

  • Principle Business Intelligence Engineer
  • Senior Business Intelligence Engineer
  • Software Development Engineer – Business Intelligence Applications
  • Senior Business Intelligence Consultant
  • Business Intelligence Solution Architect
  • Business Intelligence Developer
  • Business Intelligence Database Architect
  • Business Intelligence Specialist
  • Business Intelligence Manager
  • Senior Business Intelligence Strategic Director

Business Intelligence Benchmarking Job Titles:

Benchmarking is an important aspect of business intelligence as it assesses the growth of a certain business and thereby helps inform the concerned decision makers about the company’s progress towards its business objectives, goals and aspirations. The key job titles in this segment are:

  • Business Process Manager
  • Business Intelligence Client Consulting Support
  • Business Intelligence Process Analysis

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