Business Development Job Titles

By | July 12, 2012

Business development is a newly introduced field that can be regarded as a combination of sales, marketing and strategic analysis – the three segments that serve as a pillar for any progressive business. Being an evolved variation of the sales and marketing wing, this segment of business deals with practically everything from product to service, development to formulating marketing strategies to sales generation to negotiation and sealing of important business deals.

The chief responsibilities of business development professionals are identifying and promising business opportunities, understanding the requirements and demands of business markets, forging productive business alliances, charting new ways to explore and exploit markets and conceiving new products that would fetch more revenues.

Considering its wide scope, the job titles in business development can be classified under three broad yet overlapping rungs:

Sales Job Titles:

The first layer of business development falls under the sales segment wherein the professionals deal with developing products and constructing an image that would enrich their sales pitch and lure investors to invest in the said project or convince other businesses to ally with the concerned company in order to develop their own businesses. The job titles falling under this category are:

  • Business Development Sales Manager
  • Business Development Sales Consultant
  • Business Development Sales Executive
  • Business Development Sales Associate

Business Developer Job Titles:

One of the most essential aspects of business development is building long term productive partnerships based on mutual benefits. The task of a business developer is therefore to initiate and manage important business relationships for the benefit of the company. The business developers are also responsible for the negotiation of terms and conditions in partnership contracts.

They are required to attract prospective investors, arouse their interests in the company’s projects and thereby formulate terms that would safeguard the business interests and objectives of both the companies and foster mutual growth. It is thus the business developers who set up meetings and oversee the proceedings thereby helping companies to crunch effective business deals. The job titles enlisted in this segment are:

  • Business Development Specialist
  • Business Development Manager
  • Investor Relations Officer
  • Public Relations and Communications Specialist
  • Business Development Supervisor
  • Business Development Representative
  • Business Development Officer
  • Business Development Contract Consultant
  • Contract Administration Assistant
  • Contract Corporate Attorney
  • Business Development Coordinator
  • Sales Support Coordinator
  • Proposal Coordinator

Strategic Planner Job Titles:

Strategic planning plays an instrumental role in the development of any business. The job of a strategic planner is to formulate strategies and plans that would forward the business of the company. They are meant to device plans that would chart the business activities that the firm should pursue and advice on the ways the company should project itself on the market, the projects that are worth investing in and identify its positioning in the global market. They are also involved in product development and marketing, shrewd business analysis, smart finance management plans and brand management strategies. The top jobs in this sector are:

  • Business Development Analyst
  • Business Development Operations
  • Business Development Account Manager
  • Business Development Engineer
  • Certified Strategic Planner

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