Business Administration Job Titles

By | July 12, 2012

A business administrator is considered to be a visionary thinker on whose vision, skills, values and philosophy the success of a business rests. His primary responsibility is to lead, manage, control, administer and organize all business activities and guide the company in its quest for fulfilling its goals and aspirations. He also shoulders the responsibilities of negotiating and sealing deals, recruiting employees, building partnerships, taking care of public relations and formulates strategies that would keep one’s company ahead of its competitors.

A business administrator, thus, works to run the entire business from product development to marketing and after sales care, brand management to partnership deals, finance management to creating proposals that would further the business interests of the company, employee recruitment to man management.

Owing to its wide scope of employment generated by the administrative sector of business, it can be rightly said that the sky is the limit for candidates qualifying with a degree in business administration. In order to understand the vast range of jobs that fall under the umbrella of business administration, it is better to enlist them under differ headings based on their field of specialization or sphere of work:

Financial Administration Job Titles:

This segment of business administration looks after the finance management of the company. The roles of financial administrators include analyzing financial records, balancing the budget, seeking scope for future investment, tracing potential financial opportunities, examining insurance policies, tax records, revenue generated and accounts. The major job titles in this category are:

  • Financial Representative
  • Account Executive
  • Accounting Researcher
  • Acquisitions Tax Manager Careers
  • Compensation Administrator
  • Commercial Loan Processor
  • Finance Manager
  • Financial Counsellor
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Associate Business Administrator – Accounting
  • Business Administrator – Finance

Human Resources Job Titles:

The human resources sector of business administration is mainly concerned with the recruitment, management and welfare of the employees. It is the job of the human resources professionals to recruit the right people and right services for the company, promote or demote their positions in the company as necessary, organize and manage them, create an environment that fosters healthy inter personal relationships among the employees and look after their well-being. The job titles under this heading are:

  • Human Resource Manager
  • Employee Relations Specialist
  • Human Resource Coordinator
  • Human Resource Generalist
  • Recruitment Officer
  • Associate of Business Administrator- Human Resource Management

Administration Job Titles:

The administrative section is responsible for the coordination, management and organization of all the departments so that they function harmoniously for the sake of a common goal – the betterment of the business. This generally comprises of the core administrative group of a business who supervise the business activities of all the departments and synchronize them with the business objectives of the company. The job profiles in this section are:

  • Business Administrator
  • Associate Business Administrator
  • Business Administrator – Office Management
  • Business Administrator – Project Management
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Administrative Support Supervisor
  • Certified Administrative Professional
  • Contract Manager
  • Contract Negotiator
  • Business Process Administrator

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