Building Construction Job Titles

By | August 4, 2012

The construction of a building is a process or a procedure which involves many different big and small tasks attached or involved. Building construction is the main stay of the construction industry which has other categories such as bridge construction, road development, harbour construction, airport construction etc. Building construction is similar to many of these categories but involves certain tasks and processes which are unique to it.

The construction of any building may involve high level works such as planning and designing, implementations of the design and looking after the safety rules and regulations. Within these broad categories, there are several job positions, levels and job titles which are taken up by individuals on the basis of their qualifications and experience. Overall this field of work is complex in nature and for every different task or process, different individuals are required.

For example, to handle the fitting of electrical equipments or systems, an electrical engineer is required whereas for laying down of pipes, no one other than a pipe fitter can do the job. To discuss the jobs and the job titles of building construction in detail, the following part of the article can be referred to as it provides distinction between the categories and lists down the various job titles within each category.

Top Level Building Construction Job Titles:

For the construction of a building, the first and foremost step is to make a rough sketch which is followed by a detailed plan and design for the building. This work is done by a civil engineer or an architect. Only after this first step does the actual construction take place. Thus this is definitely the most important and integral part of building construction. There are many job titles or positions within the top level construction work. The following is a list of the same:

  • Civil engineer
  • Architect
  • Structural engineer
  • Construction engineer
  • Building engineer
  • Mechanical engineer
  • Electrical engineer
  • Fire protection engineer
  • Quantity surveyor
  • Head of operations

Medium Level Building Construction Job Titles:

After the designing and planning of the building’s structure, the next most important position is taken up by those individuals who are hired by the construction company to oversee the work done by the labourers and ensure the smooth and hassle free running of the daily operations. This level of work involves supervision and administration.

Individuals who are employed as managers in a construction company may require a different set of educational qualifications that those occupying top level positions. The following is a list of the job titles which fall under the medium level category:

  • Supervisor
  • Building supervisor
  • Project manager
  • Team manager
  • Construction manager
  • Construction superintendent
  • Quantity surveyor
  • Transportation manager
  • Material inspector
  • Safety inspector
  • Coordinator
  • Safety manager
  • Quality control inspector
  • Fire protection supervisor
  • Accounts executive
  • Secretary
  • Financial advisor
  • Legal advisor

Labourer Level Building Construction Job Titles:

The lower most level of a building construction is occupied by the labourers who generally work on daily wage basis or on contract basis. These individuals are integral to the construction of any building and their expertise decides the manner in which installation and implementation of designs is done. The following are the job titles related to this level.

  • Painter
  • Carpenter
  • General labourer
  • Labourer
  • Daily wage labourer
  • Welder
  • Equipment handler
  • Heavy equipment operator
  • Crane operator
  • Driver
  • Electrician
  • Plumber
  • Technician
  • Iron worker
  • Frame carpenter
  • Pipe fitter
  • Remover of hazardous materials
  • cleaner

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