Administrative Assistant Job Titles

By | July 12, 2012

The task of an administrative assistant is to offer managerial support to the administrative department of a business organization. They serve as a helping aide, assisting the department in the smooth running of its various administrative sectors. They are required to accomplish a wide range of management, administrative and business support activities that would facilitate hassle-free and efficient running of the organization.

Owing to the multi-tasking capabilities expected from administrative assistant professionals, the employment chances of such candidates are extremely high in almost all fields. One is required to be extremely proficient in clerical jobs, management skills, interpersonal relationships, language skills and must possess a talent in providing quality customer or personal service. Thus, in order to understand the entire career scope of administrative assistant job titles, one must be acquainted with the hierarchal positions that these job profiles can be sorted to for better functioning of the department.

Entry level Administrative Assistant Job Titles:

The major duties and responsibilities of the employees working in this sector include assisting in routine clerical tasks like documenting correspondences, scheduling meetings and appointments, arranging high profile conferences, booking travels, managing and organizing important official files and documents; archiving and retrieving of valuable corporate reports, documents, reports and files; preparing administrative reports, invoices, letters, financial statements, memos, correspondences and other documents using the prescribed official software; receiving, reading, sorting and distributing incoming mails and correspondences; taking care of office equipments and infrastructure through timely completion of preventive maintenance requirements; responding to queries, information requests and handling visitors and ensuring confidentiality of office information, client meetings, discussions, files and memos. The job titles belonging to this category are:

  • Office Manager
  • Administrative Secretary
  • Support Assistant
  • Administrative Services Assistant

Administrative Assistant Supervising Job Titles:

The jobs of such professionals include training employees about the administrative procedures and policies of the office; reviewing administrative procedures through timely analysis of operational practices, record maintaining traditions, work culture and financial and official requirements; resolution of administrative problems, discrepancy issues in records through data analysis and coordination of submitted reports; maintaining and managing client relations and professional relationships with bureaucrats, authorities and other important contacts that are beneficial to the company’s development; administering resource and supply chain requirements; arranging and supervising payments for honorariums; assisting with preparation and development of policies, motions and procedures; preparing board-meeting packages; preparing meeting agendas and recording, compiling and reporting minutes of previous meetings; coordinating, managing and overseeing supplies and deliveries and assisting in various administrative projects, helping in research conductions, aiding in preparation of statistical reports and presentation. The job titles related to this section are:

  • Administrative Support Manager
  • Administrative Coordinator
  • Senior Administrative Coordinator
  • Office Support Supervisor
  • Administrative Associate
  • Special Events Coordinator
  • Trust Operations Assistant

Top Level Executive Administrative Assistant Job Titles:

The tasks of such senior officials include maintaining efficiency in the office operations and a steady workflow; monitoring and documenting monthly expenses of the company and implementing cost reduction policies if and when necessary; formulating financial strategies, balancing budgets and forecasting estimates; initiating, negotiating and revising administrative activities and contracts and enforcing order in the office and maintaining a healthy working ambience. The executive job titles associated with the career of administrative assistant are:

  • Administrative Assistant
  • Administrative Aide
  • Executive Administrative Assistant
  • Executive Secretary
  • Executive Assistant
  • Assistant Director
  • Senior Executive Assistant

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