Account Planner Job Titles

By | July 12, 2012

Account planning calls for clever account management, interactive policy development and smart strategic planning – all aimed for the utmost goal of ultimate customer satisfaction. The main focus of the account planning team of a company is to satisfy customers by meeting their needs and expectations and devising plans and policies that would best serve the client’s interests.

They probe into the customer’s perspective and study customer reactions to various advertising and marketing strategies, their consciousness about product quality and brand value, in order to formulate strategies that would hammer the conscience of the consumers and generate the right business for the company.

Since account planner personnel delve into customer psychology and help develop strategic plans that would safeguard the interests of the client, these professionals find employment in various fields – be it advertising, sales, marketing or media. However, as these professionals work as a team to achieve a common purpose of providing customer satisfaction and generating business; one needs to probe deeper into the hierarchal job positions that work harmoniously in order to understand the entire scope of the career of an account planner.

Entry Level Account Planner Job Titles:

The employees in this segment are responsible for the initial research and gathering of client information that would help understand client psychology and behavioral patterns thereby enabling coordination of strategic and creative presentations by assisting in application of client understanding to the company’s creative issues. The major job titles in this sector are:

  • Junior Account Planner
  • Assistant Account Planner
  • Associate Account Planner
  • Senior Account Planner
  • Strategic Planner
  • Insights and Data Planner

Account Planner Manager Job Titles:

This segment of account planning deals with the management and supervising of the daily activities of the account planners, proper translation of client insights into the creative strategies adopted by the business organization, maintenance of client relations, and management of client accounts. They are also entrusted with the responsibility of training the account planning team in their tasks and assisting them with formulation of innovative strategies. The key job profiles belonging to this category are:

  • Account Planning Manager
  • Planning Supervisor
  • Consumer Insights Manager
  • Senior Consumer Insights Manager
  • Associate Consumer Insights Manager
  • Account Planning Supervisor
  • Client Relations Manager
  • Senior Competitive Intelligence Manager
  • Competitive Intelligence Manager

Top-level Executive Account Planning Job Titles:

This section comprises of the elite group of top-level executive professionals who shoulder the responsibility of superintending the functioning of the entire department. It is their job to oversee overall strategy development for the advertising, promotional and marketing campaigns of the company.

They are also responsible for client management and the administration of the local, regional, national or global operations of the account planning department of a business firm. The prominent job titles related to this section are:

  • Strategic Planning Director
  • Account Planning Director
  • Director Consumer Insights
  • Vice President Consumer Insights
  • President Consumer Insights
  • Chief Strategy Officer
  • Director Planning and Development
  • Executive Account Planning

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