Account Executive Job Titles

By | September 12, 2012

An account executive is someone who is responsible for handling the various aspects of a particular account, and in this case account means a particular client or company. The executive is in charge of maintaining a professional relationship with the client and making sure that they keep doing business with his company. There can be wide variety of account executive jobs and the job responsibilities of the candidate depend on his position and which sector he works in. While some may be in charge of bringing more business by improving sales figures with respect to an account, another may be given the responsibility of coming up with strategies that will help the financial condition of a company or organization.

In order to work in this field, one needs to have an MBA or a bachelor’s degree in business management or business administration and should study courses like finance, sales and marketing, among others. The employee must not only have excellent communication, networking and analytical skills but also should be able to give clear presentations and have a smart personality. Depending on your abilities and area of interest, you can choose where you want to work as an account executive.

Here are the most common types of jobs available at the position of account executive:

Business Account Executive Job Titles:

A business account executive is someone who is primarily responsible for bringing in business to the company by boosting the sales of the company. He must add new companies and clients and also maintain a fruitful relationship with present clients so that both parties can benefit from the deal. These people make sales strategies to reach the company’s goals and use various marketing techniques, communication skills and networking to reach out to the consumers. Major job titles in this category are:

  • Retail Account Executive
  • Business Account Executive
  • Sales Account Executive
  • Key Account Manager
  • Business Account Director
  • Account Executive Head
  • Junior Account Executive
  • Senior Account Executive
  • Regional Account Manager
  • National Account Executive
  • Assistant Account Manager
  • Client Account Executive
  • Marketing Account Executive

Advertising Agency Account Executive Job Titles:

Handling an account in advertising is very important as the ad agency creates marketing campaigns for the account and gets payment in return for their services. It is a dynamic field and the brand value of a company is created because of effective advertising strategies. Here account refers to a particular company for which the agency will create promotional campaigns. They guide the people who are given the charge for making advertisements for the client through media buying and then using their creativity on the campaign. The job titles under this heading are:

  • Advertising Account Manager
  • Advertising Agency Account Executive
  • Advertising Agency Account Strategist
  • Advertising Account Director
  • Advertising Account Associate
  • Advertising Account Supervisor
  • Advertising Sales Manager
  • Advertising Specialist
  • Advertising Media Buyer
  • Advertising Account Representative
  • Advertising Account Coordinator
  • Advertising Media planner

Financial Account Executive Job Titles:

There are many financial institutions where the account executive has to give financial advice to the clients on various matters like investment, mortgage, loans, savings and expenditure. These professionals have the expertise to give the clients counsel on these financial matters and their job is to not only sell the products of the financial institutions like banks, credit card companies, credit unions etc but also try to get new accounts for the company. They must be good with numbers, knowledgeable about the mortgage and loan industry and be responsible to their accounts. Here are a few job titles in this category:

  • Mortgage Account Executive Manager
  • Wholesale Account Executive Director
  • Financial Account Executive Head
  • Major Account Executive
  • Financial Account Executive Manager
  • Corporate Account Executive
  • Financial Account Supervisor
  • Mortgage Account Associate

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