Job Titles for Office Assistant

The term ‘office assistant’ is a term which is used to define any person working as an assistant for a person placed at a higher position in an office. Under the category of office assistants come many different job titles and positions which are responsible for carrying out more or less the same duties. An… Read More »

Job Titles for Marketing Executives

A marketing executive is an individual who works for the marketing department of a company and helps in developing the marketing strategies and campaigns for the company.  It is the job of a marketing executive to effectively promote and market a product, service or idea which is developed by the company. In large organizations, there… Read More »

Job Titles for Vendor Management

A vendor manager is an individual who works as a middleman for a company and provides a bridge between the company and its suppliers. Vendor managers can either be employed by a company on a permanent basis or may work on contractual basis. There are many job duties and responsibilities of a vendor manager and… Read More »

Job Titles for Programmers

A programmer is an individual who is appointed by a company or organisation to develop, create, implement and utilize computer and software programs. A programmer not only works with computer systems and softwares but also with network systems and web environments. There are many job duties and responsibilities of a programmer but the main task… Read More »

25 Odd Jobs that Make Good Money

Ever wondered how people end up in most unusual jobs? The reasons for taking up odd jobs could be many, such as making quick money, realizing passion or yearning to do something new and different. Sometimes these seemingly odd endeavors turn out to be great platforms for building personally rewarding professions. Not all such odd… Read More »

What are the different Job titles in Business

Businesses and corporations have various employment opportunities. There are upper, middle and lower level job titles in business which makes it one of the most popularly sought after career fields. One of the interesting things to be noted about this field is that a candidate can either associate his services with a given organization or… Read More »

What are the other job titles for office manager

An office manager’s job is extremely varied and involves great skill in a number of related fields and disciplines. In other words, the office manager must be competent enough to handle everything from word processing to maintaining office records, communications, secretarial and clerical work like file keeping and so on. Their chief task is to… Read More »

What are the different job titles in a hotel

Hotel job titles are plenty and the services collectively known as hospitality services since most cater to the needs of the guests at the hotels, cafes, restaurants etc. These are establishments which provide lodging on short term basis. The services include ensuring that the room is as per the guest’s requirements. The services are not… Read More »

Network Security Job Titles

The network security job encompasses a number of services that deal with policies and provisions taken up by the network administrator. This is done in order to prevent and observe unauthorized access, denial of a computer network, misuse, modification, and network accessible resources. There are also various authorization processes of the data that is provided… Read More »

Job titles for IT positions

Information technology provides a wide array of employment opportunities for various specialist candidates. The services basically conform to handling computers as well as software in order to manage information. There are various different types of positions offered which are collectively called Management Information Services. This IT department is essentially responsible for storing and managing the… Read More »